Privacy is a fundamental human right.

The right to privacy is unequivocally enshrined in the US Bill of Rights and UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human rights represent the most profound shift in human thought in modern history. They represent an invaluable legacy bestowed upon society by Enlightenment thinkers, upheld through the unwavering dedication and sacrifices of successive generations. However, without the utmost diligence in their preservation these ideas are in perpetual danger of eroding away.

The failure to respect the right to privacy can result in the loss of human freedom. The failure to respect the right to privacy can result in the empowerment of authoritarian, repressive, and tyrannical ideologies. As such, everybody has a responsibility to defend and respect the right to privacy.

Therefore, to the best of my ability, I will aim to never collect or store any personally identifiable information on this website. That includes but is not limited to a visitor's IP address, location, mouse movements, referrer information, browser fingerprints, or related personal data. I will also aim to never use third-party cookies or tracking pixels.

If I ever have to decide between site functionality or privacy, I will choose to respect privacy.