The Movement of Existence April 30, 2024

Emotions like sadness and longing can be so incredibly beautiful. In fact, I think the greatest gift someone can give you is the ability to experience the extremes of that which makes one human. How can you appreciate love if you have never experienced profound grief?

Once I told someone that “Love” by David Foster echoes something intangibly profound about the author’s understanding of love. That person half-sarcastically replied that “love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed”. This person’s perspective told me they were dead on the inside.

Surprisingly, time has presented an argument for this more objective viewpoint. As the intensity of emotional attachment to someone you love begins to wane, it creates a space for reflection that allows one to better understand how emotions cloud reality. One can begin to better see the driving force behind emotions. For example, one can see how selfishness or loneliness can make one mistakenly think happiness and peace lie externally in another person.

Still, it can feel so good to let life be guided by emotional currents even if it means one’s perspective is considered to be detached from “reality”. Maybe this feeling inside is pointing to something even more real than reality itself. There’s a good reason Blaise Pascal said that “the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.” In my opinion, it is better to feel sad than empty and I would rather believe in the transcendental nature of love than in the desolate view that tries to deny its magic.

Last year I read the introduction to “Know Yourself” by Ibn Arabi & Balyani. The following sentence by Cecilia Twinch more clearly articulated this intuition:

"Above all, the movement of existence is the movement of love for the sake of the revelation of beauty."

This sentence “encapsulates a profound idea in Ibn 'Arabi's thought: the entire process of existence, or the dynamic flow of the universe, is essentially driven by love. This love is not just a simple emotion but a profound cosmic force that aims to reveal beauty, which could be interpreted as the manifestation of divine qualities or the realization of a higher, spiritual truth. In this view, both love and beauty are central to understanding the purpose and nature of existence itself."

I don’t know if the red thread of fate is “real”, but what I feel inside compels me to believe in love, and that someday I will better understand what it fully means.

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